Waffles in Belgium have a been a staple street food and hand-held snack for over 200 years, and Wafflejack® capitalizes on this tasty tradition. We also align with trends around snacking and mini-desserts: It’s no wonder that waffle-bites are currently Wafflejack®’s best-selling menu item.


Only the best quality – The quality of the delicious waffles served at your Wafflejack will set your restaurant apart from other QSR franchise destinations in your market. Fresh ingredients are used across your menu, as well as proprietary toppings, such as house-made whipped cream, mascarpone cream and cheesecake topping. Your guests are given a high-end experience, at an affordable price!

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The Wafflejack® concept offers QSR franchise owners numerous avenues to grow their business. Your guests will have a reason to visit your restaurant all day long – for lunch, dinner, dessert or snacks in-between.

In addition to multiple day parts and varied menu offerings, you can nurture the delivery arm of the business via a partnership with a third-party vendor. And all franchise locations will participate in a loyalty program, to help build a solid base of repeat guests.



The Wafflejack® approach to street food is streamlined and easy to learn. Your refined staffing model will require only two to six team members depending on the time of day; and all ingredients will be delivered fresh from the commissary, multiple times each week.

Leveraging technology for daily tasks, purchases, benchmarking and more makes it easy to keep tabs on your business and focus more on your team …and your hungry customers!

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